Radiate Like a Living, Walking Billboard


I often wish I had loads of money so I could buy up space on billboards all over the world. On each road sign, I would advertise a higher quality reminding people that such energy does exist – in life, inside them, inside everyone. Why not write or draw your own billboard of a quality you long to have? Here’s how:

  1. Sit quietly. Breath deeply.
  2. Then choose a higher quality that you would like to develop or come more in touch with. Here are just some suggestions:
    Evocative Words
  3. Once you have selected a quality (try to stick with one at a time), reflect quietly on the meaning of the word. What is its nature? What is its meaning? Take your time. If an image or idea comes to you, hold onto that image. Try not to censor any images.
  4. Try to “feel” the quality that the word embodies. Let it permeate your being. Allow the word and feeling to take you to a time and place in the past when you felt the feeling. Try now to feel it.
  5. Realize the value of this quality. Recognize its purpose and use, especially in this turbulent world. Praise it in your mind. Desire it.
  6. Allow the quality to express itself on your face.
  7. Now take a card and write the word. Elsewhere, record your thoughts and images. You might want to draw your image on the card.
  8. Place the card where you will easily notice it during the day. Where it will easily catch your eye – at your bedside, on your bathroom mirror, on your desk.
  9. Notice your dreams that night.
  10. Throughout the next month, look at your card. Close your eyes and then open yourself to the inner quality your desire.
  11. Resolve as much as you can to be a living example of this quality. Radiate it! Become a living walking billboard of it!

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