Self-Identification Meditation

Fundamental to psychosynthesis is the self-identification exercise, also referred to as the dis-identification exercise or the body–feeling–mind meditation. Unlike other meditation techniques such as mindfulness, the self-identification exercise is grounded in the theory of psychosynthesis and has the specific purpose of helping the individual become more of an observer and director of all the personality’s aspects and activities.

Feel free to download this mp3 recording of the 15-minute meditation.

Body Feeling Mind Meditation

The goal of the self-identification exercise is to systematically connect and bring awareness and affirmation to the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of the personality, and then dis-identify from each aspect and connect to the “I,” the source of pure consciousness and will.

As explained by Assagioli, the guiding psychological principle of this exercise is: “We are dominated by everything with which our self becomes identified. We can dominate and control everything from which we dis-identify ourselves.”  For example, after acknowledging that we have a body, dis-identification occurs when we further understand that we are not our body, but, in fact, much more than this single component of ourselves.

Even though we may derive our greatest sense of personal identity from, for example, our body (or parts of our body), specific feelings, and/or transitory thoughts and attitudes, in fact, that viewpoint is limited in scope and impossible to maintain given that life is transitory in nature. Physical sensations, our emotions, and thoughts are continually renewing and
changing while we remain at our core “I” the same. By learning to dis-identify from these aspects of body, feelings, and mind, we can then begin to dominate, discipline, and deliberately use them by way of our authentic personality – the simple, unchanging, and self-conscious “I.”

In addition, there are a number of psychosynthesis mediations available on YouTube.

25 thoughts on “Self-Identification Meditation

    1. cleebates7

      Please send me the free mp3 recording of the meditation. I am a graduating MA student in Counselling, Psychotherapy and Spirituality in Ottawa, ON, CA.
      Thank you so much!

  1. anne marie lynch

    Sub Personalties blog is so clear, well done. Would it be possible to get a recording of the self identification exercise please – I use it with my own clients but would love to hear you.

  2. Rachael

    Psychosynthesis made clear. Thank you for all your work. I would love to hear a recording of the self identification exercise please.

  3. Elizabeth

    Thank you so much for your lovely website. I would appreciate a recording of the mediation. With Gratitude, Elizabeth

  4. Matt Beale-Collins

    I love your site. I am a student at The Psychosynthesis Trust in London. Please send me a copy of the mind body feelings meditation. Many thanks. Matt.

  5. Ruth Bigger

    Hi Catherine, love your blog. I am a psychosynthesis coach. Would love a copy of the meditation please, many thanks, Ruth

  6. shirley robertson

    Hi Catherine
    Love your blog. You state things so clearly. Just started my studies of psychosynthesis with the institute and would love a copy of your meditation.
    Thanks in anticipation, Shirley

  7. Jack Pearce

    Dear Catherine. Thank you for your information. Great information you have. Please could you share the meditation with me?


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