Moving Towards Joy

Joy has become just another three letter word. Except for young children and heroes in Hollywood movies, joy is something we often find embarrassing. Joy escapes many of our lives as we struggle with our day-to-day work, obligations, worries, and loneliness. Many times we chase after false joys by overindulging in shopping, eating, sex, or alcohol. Other times we look to others to fill our emptiness. But the reality is that real joy—a feeling of creative spontaneity and elation, is not far away.

The Doorway to Joy is through our Stories

The Doorway to Joy is through our Stories

Born to Feel Joy

We were all born to be joyful. We lose joy when we lose touch with our true selves. The true self is the core person inside you that you were born to become in full splendor. Like a rose that buds and then slowly and fully opens, we too are meant to bloom into our full potential. But this is not an easy task! You are in touch with your Self when you sense all is right and safe and your energy is flowing. Most of us have been conditioned from birth to do exactly the opposite and ignore the inner wisdom that sometimes whispers, sometimes screams, telling us what is right and safe for us.

Learning to tap into that wisdom as an adult is a soul adventure. As Dante wrote, we may first have to enter “a dark wood” of sorrow and fear before we can find our way back to the Self. Such a journey starts with relearning how to listen to your body, feelings, and thoughts and bring awareness to what choices you make and why.

I hope to introduce some psychosynthesis techniques to help you think about your own personal journey and perhaps take some steps towards your true self and joy.

4 thoughts on “Moving Towards Joy

  1. Helen Carter

    really liking your website and blog, Catherine! So good to see your presence spreading out in the world 🙂 Helen, Southampton, UK


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