The union of love and will fosters the growth and evolution of individuals in relationship. One of the long-range goals of psychosynthesis is to establish a full, permanent sense of relationship between all beings (Haronian, 1976; Roex, 1988). According to psychosynthesis, each of us has the responsibility to become aware of our situation and choices, act with good will, and work towards positive growth—individually, socially, and universally.

First we need to tackle the difficult challenge of honestly coming into relationship with ourselves – our body, feelings, and mind, our wants and needs, and our past. Only with this focus can we begin to come into relationship with others in a more meaningful and sincere way, with clear discernment and without the projecting our own unmet shadows onto others. Ultimately, the goal is to continually rebuild our ‘I-Self’ relationship in order to fully be our authentic selves in whatever situation we may face.

The psychosynthesis orientation in the counselor-client relationship is an attempt to create a real, open and honest space for love and will to synthesize and allow for personal and spiritual growth. The goal of developing personally and spiritually within such a therapeutic alliance can be challenging for both client and counselor, as they inevitably enter into the realities of transference and countertransference (Jung, 1966). However, through such a therapeutic alliance, new and more satisfying ways of being in relationship can emerge for the client and, in turn, impact his or her other relationships.


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