I think everyone should be doing psychosynthesis. I love the techniques. This work with Catherine has changed my life.
Client, The Netherlands

Catherine, you have a gift. Thank you for deeply opening my heart. My creative writing is flowing today.
Participant of “Creative Thinking,” The Netherlands

Your workshop “Know What You Want” was a huge and unique success. For the first time, everyone  who subscribed was present along with three extra women.
Female Faculty Network, University of Twente, The Netherlands

My research work is going so well.  I am producing so much more than last year and I have more concentration and energy. I’ve even won a number of international awards.
Client from Brazil

I feel more connected to myself than ever before. And I know that I can connect much better to the people I already know and other new people that I meet. I came in feeling stuck and I feel very unstuck now.
Client, The Netherlands

It took time for me to build trust with you because this is my nature. You started out as a counselor, but you ended up feeling like a friend. And that’s a big compliment to you.
Client, The Netherlands

I am a huge believer in the work Catherine is doing and a huge supporter of the opportunity for her to continue this important work. She continues to empower the young adults at the University of Twente to become strong independent thinkers engaged in healthy relationships, capable of intense and in-depth reflection on their lives to make them better people and citizens.
Dr. Aimee van Wynsberghe
University of Twente, The Netherlands

My experience with Catherine was very helpful in my personal growth. I feel lucky to have had Catherine help me.
Client from China 

Our meetings improved my focus and unblocked creative/scientific energy. In addition, our work together made me aware of my triggers for anxiety and stress. Our sessions helped me to grow personally far beyond what I could have predicted. I am very grateful for having met Catherine and I believe her work is of fundamental importance for the international community of any university.
Dr. Ana Cravo Barradas
Lisbon, Portugal

The process of conducting research and writing a PhD dissertation, as I have experienced it, is a long experience in which one has to struggle with her weaknesses and strengths, her fears and hopes, her ambitions and sense of reality. An independent researcher is first of all an autonomous person who is able to manage herself through awareness and exercise. The sessions with Catherine helped me immensely not only in dealing with such a process, but also in growing as a person and as a researcher.
Dr. Federica Lucivero
King’s College London

Catherine offered me assistance in dealing with personal issues that were hindering my growth both personally and professionally. Through a number of sessions with Catherine I managed to identify the issues that were limiting my progress and positive decision-making. Once these issues were identified, she helped me to identify some ways to ‘deal’ with them in order to achieve a positive outcome. Catherine also helped me to realise that I am in charge of my own happiness and destiny. She also gave me skills on how to let those in my life know what I like and dislike in terms of how they treat and relate to me. Having dealt with the personal issues that were bothering me to a point of some depression, I have been able to make progress with my work where I have focused on my professional development and improvement.
Dr. N. Mohlakoana
The Netherlands

Thank you for helping me rediscover myself! You helped me awaken my inner strength and embrace my life. I’ve been lucky to have had you, such a strong, wise and loving person, to help navigate my way out of a difficult time. I’ll cultivate the strength, calmness, peace, passion and love I have learned from you with care, and let them stay and grow deep inside me to illuminate my life and loved ones.
Client from China

My appreciation and gratitude for your help is immense. With you, I became more peaceful. And I’ll take that with me everywhere.
Client, The Netherlands

Thank you so much for sharing your gifts so freely, for your understanding, support, acceptance, love and insight. I’ve learned so much from you, and am only just beginning to see how much.
Organization and Personal Development Consultant and Executive Coach, London

I have to thank you for helping me so much during my time as PhD student — especially teaching me to stand up for myself. After that, I can surely report higher life satisfaction levels.
Client, The Netherlands

Thank you for the workshop this afternoon. I found it seriously beneficial and am so pleased I went. In addition to the insights that I gained into my own personal situation/difficulties, I also enjoyed your blend of gentleness and resolve throughout the session. You achieved a very nice balance whereby we could wrestle with the problematic, give it form and then retreat into calm and safety. It really was quite special.
Participant of “Know What You Want,” The Netherlands

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