Book – Culture Shock to Transformation

From Culture Shock to Personal Transformation

Book CoverNow available for purchase is Catherine’s book From Culture Shock to Personal Transformation: Studying Abroad and the Search for Meaning.

Through her psychosynthesis counseling work with international students, Catherine illustrates how young people, when faced with the challenges of living abroad, can enter into a personal journey towards their authentic selves. Ultimately, by confronting themselves and growing in awareness, the students whose testimonies appear in this book release new creative energy and renew their personal and working relationships.

“Catherine has empowered young adults to become strong independent thinkers engaged in healthy relationships and capable of intense and in-depth reflection on their lives so they might become better people and citizens.” 
Dr. Aimee van Wynsberghe, University of Twente Researcher

“I can fully endorse this book as not only a great insight into culture shock and ways of working with international students, but also a great introduction to psychosynthesis. I just ordered another copy for my university colleagues and trainee counselors.”
Keith Hackwood, M.A., Counsellor, University of Wales, Newport

“”Catherine’s book resonated very much with my own experience as a Brazilian in London. I particularly like the way she was able to redefine culture shock, giving the experience of immigration a new, richer meaning. As a future counsellor, I hope to be working mostly with clients from Portuguese-speaking countries who have decided to immigrate to the UK for various reasons, but have not always integrated successfully. As a volunteer in a multi-ethnic and multi-lingual counselling service, I have recommended Catherine’s book to my colleagues as it continues to guide my own work.”
Paul Wright, Counsellor-in-training, Waterloo Community Counselling, London

For a review of this book in Dutch, published in the NUFFIC magazine Transfer, click “Via cultuurshok tot zingeving?”

Click here to read the article in The Holland Times  where Catherine is interviewed as a psychologist and expert on culture shock in the Netherlands.

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