Catherine has had numerous articles published about psychosynthesis. Here are just a few…

“The Art of Healing” Published by Therapy Today, June 2020. This publication is the most widely read specialist magazine for counselors and psychotherapists in the UK with a strong international presence. The article describes how imagery and self-expression can help clients cope with cancer. It draws on the the successful use of the Imagery Toolbox, a collection of tools, techniques and meditations created and developed by Jan Taal and his colleagues at the Amsterdam School for Imagery.

“Mr. Freeze and the Lion” published by Therapy Today, March 2019. The article describes a case study that shows how subpersonality work can help release clients’ creative potential.

“Psychosynthesis: A Foundational Bridge between Psychology and Spirituality” published in the peer-reviewed Pastoral Psychology on 27 January, 2017. This article begins by introducing psychosynthesis concepts and techniques. It then provides qualitative findings showing that psychosynthesis counseling helped to awaken spirituality in three out of eleven clients who had formerly identified themselves as atheists. In addition, testimonies are included that show that psychosynthesis counseling also helped all eleven clients to attain personal growth.

Lessons We Can Learn from the Educational Philosophies of Rabindranath Tagore and Roberto Assagioli published in the AAP Psychosynthesis Quarterly, September 2020. This article offers a brief introduction of how Tagore and Assagioli met in 1926 during Tagore’s visit to Italy. An overview of Tagore’s and then Assagioli’s educational philosophies follows. Based on their ideas and practices, the essay ends with suggestions that will hopefully provide students, teachers and parents a psychosynthesis approach to integrate into their curriculum.

“Opening the Door to Creativity: A Psychosynthesis Approach” which Catherine co-authored with Dr. B.C.N. Müller, was published by the peer-reviewed Journal of Humanistic Psychology on 30 June 2016. We are very happy to see this qualitative study published, as very little has appeared in this journal regarding psychosynthesis, despite Assagioli having served on its Editorial Board from 1968 until his death in 1974.

“Coping with Anxiety and Rebuilding Identity: a Psychosynthesis Approach to Culture Shock” was published by the peer-reviewed journal Counselling Psychology Quarterly on 17 January 2014. A shorter version appeared in the March 2014 newsletter of the Association for the Advancement of Psychosynthesis.

Roberto Assagioli: A Man of Peaceful Action. A short (700 word) introduction about Roberto Assagioli and psychosynthesis. Published in The Florentine magazine on April 2017.

Psychosynthesis and Jung in a Nutshell, published by the  Association for the Advancement of Psychosynthesis. This article offers a brief but comprehensive overview of the similarities and differences between psychosynthesis and Jungian psychology. It ends with Catherine’s reflections on the two transpersonal visions.

A Brief History of Assagioli, Freud, and Psychoanalysis, published by the Psychosynthesis Trust, summarizes Assagioli’s relationship to Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) and psychoanalysis

“Assagioli’s Reflections on the Poor Man of Assisi”, published by the  Association for the Advancement of Psychosynthesis. This rich essay explores Assagioli’s writings about Saint Francis of Assisi from various perspectives, such as spirituality and money, care for animals in our world, and how to interpret visionary answers to our prayers.

Catherine writes about her experience visiting Roberto Assagioli’s archives in Florence in “Meeting at the Well Spring”.

“Terremoti interiori”  Reflections on the meaning of life and death (in Italian).

Here are three articles on psychosynthesis and Dante’s Divine Comedy that Catherine wrote with her husband Dr. Kees den Biesen (With “Part II – Purgatory” and “Part III – Paradise” to come … Stay tuned!)

“Reconnecting the Personal Self with the Higher Self – Journeying with Dante”, published in June 2015 in the Psychosynthesis Quarterly.

Into the Hidden Things He Led My Way … A Psychosynthesis View of Dante’s Inferno“,   published in March  2015 in the Psychosynthesis Quarterly.

“Reading The Divine Comedy from a Psychosynthesis Perspective” , published in September 2014 in the Psychosynthesis Quarterly.

Articles Published about Gardening in Italy and Ramadan in Egypt

Catherine has had two articles published by Krista Tippett’s On Being, reaching more that 75,000 followers:

A Communion with the Earth: Gardening and Gratitude. Gandhi once said, “To forget how to dig the earth and tend the soil is to forget ourselves.” Gardening can be a precise mirror for the soul. Read Catherine’s story of friendship, vigil, and tending and depending upon the Earth from the bucolic fields of the Italian countryside.

The Rhythms and Rituals of Cairo During Ramadan. Catherine describes living in Egypt during the months after 9/11 and the beauty of Ramadan in Cairo. She finds unexpected kinship in the rhythms of the culture and its people, reflecting all that is human: piety and gaiety, charity and ostentation, sacrifice and indulgence.

Catherine on Living and Traveling in Italy

Catherine has written numerous articles recounting her personal experiences while living and traveling in Italy. She is a expert contributor to, offering insights on a number of Italy cities such as Assisi, Fabriano, and Rome along with many places of interest. To see all of her published articles, click here.

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