Searching for Funghi, Finding Myself

Now is the time to walk into the Italian hillsides and search for edible mushrooms. Nearly twenty years ago, I experienced my first expedition for these savory funghi while living in Italy. During this search, I realized how much my life had changed. Signora Maria was partly to thank for this revelation, for it was she who invited me to venture into the bosco (forest) with her to search for funghi.

I have recently had a story published about this adventure entitled Sacred Journeys: Buried Treasure. This article originally appeared in the July/August 2021 issue of Unity Magazine;

That morning, Signora Maria arrived at my gate promptly at 8 a.m., equipped with basket, knife, and rain parka despite the wide azure sky and early morning sunshine. In her early 60s, Signora Maria is elf-like with a quick step and a thin mouth drawn in a perpetual frown. She is known for her long walks alone into the forest and for her huge field outside the village, where she grows vegetables and raises 40 chickens, geese, and a battalion of ducks.

I, too, was prepared with basket, knife, and parka, having earlier asked Signora Maria what I needed for our expedition. Being a bit nearsighted, I also had my glasses tucked in my basket. We started down the gravel road and headed into the valley floor when suddenly Signora Maria rushed up the embankment.

You can continue reading this story by clicking on: Sacred Journey: Buried Treasure.

4 thoughts on “Searching for Funghi, Finding Myself

  1. Luz Graciela J. D.

    Dear Catherine, Thanks for sharing your experiences. It is also a nice time when I read them. Thanks a lot. Always looking where to go where to stay. With great feeling, Luz

  2. Manatthe Porch

    It’s only when we look back that we see who have been our real Mentors, and sadly who have not. I visited my old friend in her convent two weeks ago. We go back 30 years. Walking round her gardens, I too reflected and smiled with the joy of remembering good advice from unexpected sources. A delightful read, Thank you Catherine! Christopher Weymouth


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