5 Reasons to Read “Creating Harmony in Life”

For those of you who have already purchased Roberto Assagioli’s Creating Harmony in Life, below you will find a detailed General Index and Name Index to the book, which were omitted from the final publication. In addition, I have included Assagioli’s “Preface,” my “Introduction” and the Table of Contents.


For those of you who haven’t yet purchased the book, just take a look at the Indices to see how much you are missing! If that doesn’t convince you, then here are 5 reasons to read Creating Harmony in Life.

1. You’ll hear Assagioli’s voice.
Since Creating Harmony in Life is a collection of Assagioli’s lectures, it is very different from his other published works. Accessible and very readable, this book beautifully captures Assagioli’s tone, humor, and perspectives in a genuine and intimate way.

2. You will discover hidden gems.
The book is full of reflections to ponder and scholars to meet. From Arthur Eddington’s observations of the solar chromosphere to the Buddhist story of Krishnagautami, to reasons why you should pay your taxes, every page of Creating Harmony in Life holds the promise of a special surprise.

3. It’s a book for everyone.
For anyone practicing psychosynthesis, Creating Harmony in Life is a great gift for anyone who has ever asked you, “Psychosyn…What? Assa…Who?” The Italian version of the book is actually used throughout Italy by people new to psychosynthesis. Besides having Assagioli’s superb summary about aspects of psychosynthesis in Appendix I, the entire book is an excellent introduction to psychosynthesis. Nevertheless, anyone already familiar with psychosynthesis will appreciate having Assagioli reaffirm their understanding.

4. It includes a brief biography of Assagioli.
Appendix II (written by myself) is a brief biography of Assagioli’s life from the perspective of synthesis. I must admit that when my editors’ read it, they exclaimed, “It’s like reading a novel!”

5. You will be supporting the Istituto di Psicosintesi and Gruppo alle Fonti.
This book is published by the Psychosynthesis Institute in Florence and realized by Gruppo alle Fonti, the volunteers who have lovingly curated Assagioli’s Archives over the years. When you buy the book, you are sending your financial support to Casa Assagioli, Assagioli’s Archives, and all its volunteers.

Creating Harmony in Life: A Psychosynthesis Approach
by Roberto Assagioli

Published by the Istituto di Psicosintesi, Florence
Available from Amazon
ISBN 979-12-21402-74-2

4 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Read “Creating Harmony in Life”

  1. Harriet Hanmer

    Dear Catherine,

    I read your latest newsletter with interest and looked up your link, and read that with enthusiasm. Thanks so much for all your hard work putting this book together and making more of RA available to the English speaker/reader. I will be ordering the book and look forward to delving into it.

    I hope this finds you and Kees well and happy. Every Easter Paul and I share our fond memories of our wonderful Easter feasting with you, it was truly memorable and thank you for that.

    Warm wishes and I am sure RA would be proud of and grateful for your endeavours.


    Harriet Hanmer, Leadership & Organisational Development Coach – Team Facilitator – Supervisor

    http://www.equilibrium-partners.co.uk http://www.equilibrium-partners.com http://www.natural-leadership.co.uk



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