Assa…who? Psychosyn…what?

Roberto Assagioli

Roberto Assagioli (Assagioli Archives, Florence)

If you ever wondered how to explain who Assagioli is to people who have never heard of him or psychosynthesis, I recently had a short article published about him in The Florentine magazine. You can read “A Man of Peaceful Action” by clicking here.

This evening, a screening of Roberto Assagioli: Lo Scientista dello Spirito (Roberto Assagioli: The Scientist of the Spirit) is taking place in Florence at the Odeon Theatre. It will also be showing in other theaters in Italy and was just presented at the Psychosynthese Academie in The Netherlands.  On 1 July, there will be a showing in London.

The DVD of this movie is now available for purchase (in both European and US formats). I recently bought and watched it twice in my living room and very much appreciated the myriad of perspectives from various people – former students, biographers, people involved with his archives, dedicated practitioners, historians and educators.

This documentary written and directed by Maria Erica Pacileo and Fernando Maraghini is a beautifully woven tapestry of slow moving scenes of Assagioli’s Florentine home and study, photographs of him during his lifetime strategically placed alongside Italian cityscapes, fantastical images attuned to his writings and meditations, and an original soundtrack by Andrea Chimenti.

So why not take advantage of both my article and this recent film to learn more about this fascinating spiritual and psychological visionary of the 20th century?

3 thoughts on “Assa…who? Psychosyn…what?

  1. Isabelle Kūng (Bagdasarianz, Faillettaz)

    Thank you Catherine Ann for these indications on Roberto Assagioli: Lo Scienzato dello Spirito documentary movie.
    I liked the DVD when I saw it ….trembling because I’m in it for a few short seconds!
    Anne Lombard’s title reminded me about the exact same exclamations my students would utter when I would introduce Assagioli’s method to them in the ’60 and the 70 …. at Institut Bleu Léman in Villeneuve, Switzerland, where we had put Psychosynthesis on the curriculum. Link to my article on this “adventure” is : look for december 2016 issue, page 47.
    It is also much about unconditional love and will to love!
    Isabelle Küng

    1. Catherine Ann Lombard Post author

      Hello Isabelle. I loved you in the movie! Especially the film you made as a young teenager of Assagioli. How your mother threw the camera into your hands and said that there was an important person coming to visit. It’s wonderful how your life has been dedicated to psychosynthesis. Also, I must also thank you for the beautiful photos you took of Assagioli, including the one appearing in the article. I hope we can meet one day. Thank you! Thank you!

      1. Isabelle Kūng (Bagdasarianz, Faillettaz)

        Thank you Catherine Ann. Yes I was lucky to have my mother decide so well of my future… And even more lucky that it was to learn with Assagioli and teach His method in my mother’s school… thus learn even more, and on top of that I was also blessed with an eventful life, so I learned on and on and on, and still do!
        I will be delighted to meet with you dear Catherine Ann, though you know that whosoever focuses on a teaching (I did not say ‘on the teacher’) is thereby spiritually put in touch on various levels of perception with those who also do… It both has to do with morphogenetic field “force” and inner alignment with one’s inner Reality, therefore “energy”. However Skype is a nice tool to exchange some ideas via the personality, all involved benefit from the exchange. You do such a dynamic work, and I’m glad you use the pictures I was instrumental in taking….
        I had the Leica, I had the luck of being there, and Assagioli sure radiated forth a kind smile…
        I guess Assagioli knew it was addressed to those who look at the picture, anytime, anywhere.
        Love and gratitude for what you do.

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