Books, Books and More Galore!


At first glance, you might think that life coaching, shamanic soulfulness, short stories about Japan, and a textbook on psychosynthesis might not have much in common. But they do! All have come into my hands (literally) during the last year in the form of books, and I would like to share them with you now.

In addition, I am planning to publish a series of short books based on my blogs. So this list ends with a preview of my first book in the series. But before we peek inside all these book covers, I would first like to introduce you to a wonderful new resource…

Search Engine for Psychosynthesis Articles

The Istituto di Psicosintesi has recently launched a search engine to help you find articles published in their magazine Psicosintesi. The search engine is easy to use and offers students, scholars, and admirers of psychosynthesis a valuable resource with direct links to the magazine’s published articles. It’s free and easy to use. You don’t need to sign in or try to remember yet another password. Here’s what you do:

  1. Go to this link:
  2. Click on “Enter the Public Area”
  3. Enter your search term. For example, here I searched on “Assagioli” which you see circled in red.

Screenshot of Florence Search Engine

A list of all his articles published in Psicosintesi magically appears. This list has all kinds of interesting information, which I marked with a blue arrow. You can see whether the article is written in English, Italian or both and even directly link to articles published after 2003.

Now for the books…

The Way of Psychosynthesis: A complete guide to the origins, concepts, and the fundamental experiences

Petra Guggisberg Nocelli

Book cover A complete Way of PsychosynthesisThis book is truly a gift to the English-speaking psychosynthesis community. Petra has thoroughly read, organized and compiled a multitude of psychosynthesis material available in Italian only, including various works by Roberto Assagioli. It is really a textbook, which means you need to read it in small chunks, like nibbling on rich pieces of dark chocolate. I found it a real revelation to see what my Italian psychosynthesis colleague has been up to all these years! Petra has also included a comprehensive biography of Roberto Assagioli. This book is an invitation to anyone who wants to gain a broad and deep overview of psychosynthesis concepts, theory, and history.

The Call of Self: Psychosynthesis Life Coaching

Edited by Dorothy Firman

Book cover call-of-self-book-psychosynthesis-life-coachingIn this book, authors from around the world offer their expertise in specialty areas of coaching within the psychosynthesis context. Each chapter is a little gem, showing you how psychosynthesis coaching can not only enable world leaders to activate their values and will, but also how yoga teachers, activists and organizers, career guides, and sports coaches – just to name a few – have experienced psychosynthesis life coaching in their daily practice and lives. This book is a rich tapestry of experience, practice, and theory especially for coaches who are unfamiliar with psychosynthesis.

I’m particularly fond of this book as I contributed the chapter “Robert Assagioli: A Multifaceted Life”. It’s way in the back (starting on page 399!), but I hope somebody manages to find their way there and read it! Click here for an excerpt..

Soulfulness: The Marriage of Shamanic and Contemporary Psychology

David England

Book-Cover-SoulfulnessWhen Shamanic and psychosynthesis practices become integrated, they can transform the power and wisdom of psychotherapy. With psychosynthesis as its psychological context, this book brings together the wisdom of the ancient healing practice of Shamanism and the insights of present day psychology. David, who is a formidable storyteller himself and co-author of two books of folktales, weaves along with his text a fascinating reflection on the Russian folktale “The Bold Knight, the Apples of Youth, and the Water of Life”.

Finding Land: Stories of Japan

Marian Pierce

Book Cover Finding LandSpeaking of tales, this collection of stories about Japan by my dear friend Marian is a joy to read. Marian and I actually met in Japan in 1988 and have been friends ever since despite my constantly moving around the world. Marian is a gifted and award-winning writer, and this book is entertaining, witty, and fun to read. Full of poignant moments of reflection on identity and belonging, the stories dance with delightful dialog and are steeped with cultural insight. You enter another world through the eyes of a Jewish girl from Cleveland as she tries to decipher, not only the maps in Tokyo’s train stations, but her own inner quest to find land.

A Free and Wild Creature: Women, Service and Motherhood

Catherine Ann Lombard

Book Cover I am a Wild CreatureLast but not least, I am excited to announce my upcoming book series based on a selection of blogs that you have all been faithfully reading over the years. If you love my blog, you will love these books. (For sure!) I am also hoping that you will find it the right gift for people dear to you, those souls who have no idea what you’re up to or talking about!

Thanks to all who have encouraged me to put this small book series together, and to the Istituto di Psicosintesi, Florence, and Gruppo alle Fonti for giving me permission to include many of Assagioli’s handwritten notes.

Available soon in print and as an ebook at a website near you!

A Wild and Free Creature
Women, Service and Motherhood

Love and Will in a Tea Cup
A Little Book about Psychosynthesis
and Roberto Assagioli

Bread and the Art of Synthesis:
Love, Balance and God

The Dark Days before Christmas


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